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Light-hearted and playful identity for restaurant and wine bar Vinköket.

Vinköket is a restaurant and wine bar secretly located in a basement in the old town of Stockholm. It combines the intimate feeling of a house party with a deep wine knowledge, and offers a menu with Swedish and mediterranean influences.

Lobby Design was asked to create the visual identity for Vinköket. The result is a fun and playful identity that underlines the unpretentiousness of the restaurant and pays tribute to the love for wine.

The color palette is inspired by the different colors of wine and material typically associated with a wine bottle, such as cork and gold foil, are used for menu plates or business cards to create exiting textures. Classic shipping aesthetics such as stamps and trail systems is also used as a graphic element.

The typography is bold yet playful. It consists of an existing font that has been slightly modified to give it a unique feel, which is used for headlines, as well as a complementary, modern font with high readability.

Vintage portraits in black and white from past times covered with bright color splashes creates a playful contrast and brings a bit of humor to the identity. The faces of the portrait remains hidden behind the splashes, which reinforces the feeling of Vinköket as a little secret society and hidden world.

Vinköket is part of Bockholmengruppen, one of Stockholms primary restaurant group with restaurant such as Nybrogatan 38, Meatballs for the people and Restaurang Bockholmen.

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