Elegant and rustic identity that celebrates the art of craftmanship for restaurant Hantverket.

Hantverket is a restaurant in Stockholm with a personal appeal, where love for the craft is in focus and good neighbors and exuberant locals can meet.

Chef Fredrik Persson is a former two-time semifinalist Chef of the Year with a long experience in the industry. His compositions is an expression of purity and simplicity with a rustic elegance, where the foundation is located in the artisanal Swedish cuisine with elements and influences from Europe.

Lobby Design was commissioned to develop a holistic thinking around the restaurant where both name, furnishing and visual identity was included. The result was a mix of old and new, rustic and elegant, to give it a hoomey and personal feeling.

The logo consists of a monogram with a hexagon and circle around to symbol a screw-nut and is a tribute to classic craftsmanship. As well as the H + V monogram which is meant to be perceived as planks, another wink to the art of crafts. The hexagon shape also recurs in the interior in the form of tiles, napkin holders and solid wooden trays.

The pattern is stylized wood textures that in certain contexts are gilded and in others blind embossed. The beautiful textures can also be seen in the rustic tables in the restaurant which are matched with original carpenter benches.

Restaurant Hantverket is included in Stockholm Meeting Selection which also operates nine other hotels, castles and event venues in the Stockholm area.

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