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Fun and quirky identity and concept with an Italian vintage feel for Neapolitan pizza restaurant Meno Male.

Meno Male is a restaurant in Stockholm which has its own take on classical Neapolitan pizza. With the traditional Neapolitan handcrafted wood burning, custom made by us, the delicious pizzas are made with the finest ingredients and takes only minutes to prepare. Take it home or enjoy it with a glass of wine at the intimate and cosy restaurant.

Lobby Design was commissioned to develop the concept for the restaurant which included both name, visual identity, interior design and website. The result is a charming and eclectic restaurant, which reminds about one of the small and rustic pizza places that can be found in the heart of Naples.

The name Meno Male is a classic Italian expression that literally translates to “less bad” but is a sign of release and has a similar meaning as “thank goodness” in english. We thought it was a suitable name that would celebrate the Italian heritage and the feel of the restaurant as well as forming an attractive wordmark.

The logo is a text-only typographic kind with a handmade font that feels playful and genuine. The fonts that we chose for the identity were inspired by vintage Italian signages and store windows to give it an unpretentious feel and a retro touch.

We also created a collection of simple illustrations which were placed at the menu, pizza box and website, as well as a handmade pattern that we printed on greaseproof paper, placed inside the pizza boxes.

We also did the interior design which is a mix of vintage and new with kitschy details and Italian memorabilia.

Overall the identity is a celebration of imperfections and small cosmetic mistakes, without for that matter loosing its strong visual appeal.

Meno Male is located in Vasastan in Stockholm with several restaurants to be established ahead.

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