Graphic identity and branding for city district Vega.

Vega is a new district in Haninge outside of Stockholm, with strong focus on sustainability, its surrounding diverse nature and a high standard of living. During the next couple of years, ten thousands of people are expected to move to Vega. The client is a group of eight prominent property developers and the municipality of Haninge.

Lobby Design was asked to create a strategy brand position as well as a visual identity, website and advertising that would generate knowledge and interest for the new part of Stockholm and appeal to a wide target group. We positioned Vega as a small town in town, ideally located right between the Stockholm city center and the archipelago.

To get across the small town feel that is significant for Vega, a line of fun and quirky animations were created and featured on the website and as digital advertising. We also created a series of icons inspired by emojis, to highlight important information, as well as a characteristic Instagram like filter for the imagery on the website.

The graphic expression and branding for Vega is imbued with an overall feeling of happiness and slow living, inviting prospects to imagine the new district as a place to cultivate an attractive and healthy lifestyle.

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The graphic expression for Vega is easy going and colorful and flirts with social media references such as emojis and Instagram. The logo consists of a word mark with a soft, rounded aesthetic and gives a modern and sympathetic impression. A clear and confident red was chosen as the primary identity color, complemented by a range of other bright colors that helps separate and highlight information and segments on the website.

In a district where there are several property developers, each one with their own unique style, it is important that everyone can rely on a stable ground, and that is the graphic identity for the district at large. No matter how a specific property developer may look the values of Vega will be kept intact, thanks to the mutual identity.

Monica Pirslin, C/O Properties