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Art deco inspired identity for property development project Bergmans Bageri.

Bergmans bageri is a residential conversion project located in vibrant Södermalm in Stockholm. The client is Medvind, a property development company that creates exclusive housing, characterized by international architecture with a local touch. The building is a former warehouse and the worlds first ever hard bread factory, which has been transformed into residences that combine original exclusive features with nods to their industrial past.

Lobby Design was asked to create the concept, visual identity and branding for Bergmans Bageri and the main inspiration is the 1920´s art deco era, during which the hard bread factory was founded. The result is a fresh but elegant identity with a vintage feel that  both celebrates its heritage and suits the premium feel of the project.

We named the project after the hard bread factory and the emblem shaped logo is a clear reference to classic art deco signages. When printed we choose to use gold foil because of its richness and sense of quality, which matches the tone of the development. As as hommage to the heritage of the building, the logo also includes a bundle of wheat straws. The romb shape of the logo is recurrent in the layout of marketing collaterals such as brochures and advertisement.

The color palette is a pastel dream and another flirt with the art deco style. Together it shapes a marbled-like and decorative pattern .

Lobby created a range of collateral for Bergmans Bageri such as the sales brochure for which we also planned and created the content, floor-plan brochure, website and advertising. To make the project stand out further we created a special box and briefcase containing the sales brochure as well as a pack of custome made hard bread, which were handed out to prospects during the show case of the apartments.






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