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Dramatic and playful identity that celebrates the many shapes and flavours of Spanish culinary.

Spanjorskan is a restaurant in Stockholm with a mix of Spanish culinary influences. Imagine the lively atmosphere on one of Madrid’s back streets. The smell of freshly roasted chicken from the rotisserie, a whole turbot straight from the the oven or shrimp on the grill. The food happiness in San Sebastian and the taste of fresh seafood served on large plates in Barcelona.

The atmosphere is relaxed, fun and all about enjoying food and wine in great company.

Lobby Design was asked to create an appealing visual identity and website for Spanjorskan that would capture the genuine Spanish atmosphere and “fun dining” concept of the restaurant but also have a modern feeling and create curiosity. The result is a carefully balanced identity with Spanish references and a modern feel with a dash of playfulness.

The eye catching logo is a distillate of the different influences and represents the variety of raw materials and dishes that the Spanish cuisine offers. This was also made into a striking entry signage which makes the different textures, materials and references come to life.

A calmer secondary sans-serif logo in gold block foil serves as a consignor at the foot of the menus and as an occasional detail.

The website and menus are designed to create clarity and simplicity as well as a feeling of high quality. The font is Maison which makes a good contrast to the otherwise vivacious and playful design.

The logo has also been used to create a pattern with a strong graphic character which runs across menus, coasters and matchboxes and that frames information without making it feel cluttered.

Spanjorskan is a part of Bockholmengruppen, one of Stockholms leading restaurant group with restaurant such as Nybrogatan 38, Meatballs for the people and Restaurang Bockholmen.

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