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New visual identity for Boka Direkt– Scandinavias leading digital market place within wellness and health. 

Boka Direkt is the largest digital marketplace for wellness and beauty treatments within the Nordic region with more than 900 000 visitors and 400 000 bookings each month. As the digital world is in constant development, the previous site felt a bit dated. The graphic identity also gave a flat and anonymous feel and did not communicated wellness and beauty.

Lobby Design was asked to create and implement a brand identity and webb design that felt distinct, up to date and communicated beauty and wellness. When visiting the website or otherwise became exposed to the identity, it should be obvious that it was about beauty and wellness. The website should feel like a waiting room where the visitors felt they were halfway to the treatment itself. Overall it should be a pleasant and comfortable experience visiting Boka Direkt.

The result is a new more appealing identity that clearly reflects Boka Direkt as a platform within beauty and wellness. This included a logotype shaped as a heart, a classic symbol for wellness, but in which you also can read the B and D for Boka Direkt. We kept the green signatur color green but changed it to a more pleasant shade typically associated with wellness and health, as well as adding new colors for the different categories on the site to increase the usability. A graphic pattern with illustrations of items associated with health and beauty was also created.

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Further on we planned and executed a photoshoot to create a collection of still images that would be identity-bearing for Boka Direkt. Lastly, we oversaw the overall structure of the website to create a better user experience. In addition to the identity and logo, we also created business cards, gift cards, banners, stickers, visual signage and print ads.

Since the new visual identity and site was launched, Boka Direkt has had its highest number of visitors as well as bookings to date.