New corporate identity for fashion and tech company Looklet.

Looklet is a Stockholm-based startup company that offers a unique software, based on technique specially developed for large e-tailers within fashion. The software replaces ordinary image production which usually is very time-consuming, without compromising with the quality.

Lobby Design was commissioned to develop a new visual identity and logo for Looklet that would communicate the company’s core values ​​: Quality, efficiency and innovation. It should also convey a sense of both the tech and fashion world. Finally, it should appeal to and feel relevant for both decision makers with business-oriented responsibilities, as well as for creative professionals.

The result was a clear identity with a good balance between fashion and tech. Black solid colors and typography with round shapes, both characteristic for the world of fashion and a bold green RGB color that breathes tech. We also developed a logo with the shape of two staples. These symbolize the hand movement for focus when shooting with a camera but also represents the letter “L” for Looklet

In addition to the identity and logo, we also created business cards, folders, manuals, stickers and headphones. Finally, we developed a comprehensive manual containing the design elements and applications of important identity carriers.

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